Different Types of Shoulder Pain & Common Problems

Shoulder Pain Macleod

A lot of people suffer from the experience of feeling pain in their shoulders all the time. If not all the time, then every time the shoulders move a little. This pain can be temporary, but in case you feel like it has been a while, its time that you visit a physiotherapy macleod. When the shoulder pain treatment macleod has gone too long, understand that it requires treatment for a long time. Some common shoulder problems that have become widespread among people globally are as follows.


All joints in our body consist of fluid-filled sacs that are very small in size. Naturally, like all joints, these are also present in our shoulder joints that act as cushions between the bones. These sacs help in removing friction among the muscles and bones in the joint. Damage of these sacs is known as Bursitis.


A tendon is the connection of a muscle to a bone, and in case it experiences any damage or inflammation, it results in the condition known as Tendinitis. This can occur as either Acute Tendinitis caused by overhead activities and sports. The other one is Chronic Tendinitis that may occur due to repetitive wear and tear usually for old aged people.

Tendon Tears

In case the tendon is torn or split, it can cause an acute level injury where the tendons need to be de-attached from the bone. This tearing of tendon can occur due to long-term overuse as well as with increasing age.


Shoulder Impingement takes place at the top of our shoulder blade because of the pressure that shoulder blade exerts on to the soft tissues. This usually happens when an arm is lifted away from our body.


Shoulder Instability takes place when the upper arm bone is forced with pressure out of the shoulder socket. This instability can happen with overuse or a sudden injury. You must be aware of shoulder dislocations, and this is one form where the ball comes partially out of the socket in arm. Once this happens, you should take care of your activities and visit a physiotherapist regularly to avoid further dislocations which then become vulnerable. Avoid using your arm away from your body.


Arthritis is the weakling of bones, and sometimes macleod physio may look at your shoulder pain and determine that it occurs due to arthritis. This can happen due to different types of arthritis. Usually, the problem starts with swelling and pain, which leads to stiffness. Arthritis happens usually at middle age and develops slowly only to cause pain over time.


Fractures are known as another word for broken bones. Shoulder fractures are actually quite common and can occur in the collarbone, shoulder blade etc. These usually occur to old patients as a result of falling while standing. In young patients, we see shoulder fractures due to high energy and any sudden accidents. Fractures are very painful, they cause severe pain and swelling. In case you have suffered a shoulder fracture, visit a doctor immediately.

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