Physiotherapy Services Offered


If you are currently looking into physiotherapy Melbourne has a number of practices. In the heart of Melbourne there are lots of qualified physiotherapists. The clinics offer physiotherapy services and they are particularly proud of their well-trained staff and the excellent service they provide. To give you an idea here are some of the services they provide.



Manual therapy is divided into 3 main kinds of treatments that are employed to reduce musculoskeletal pain and aide in the treatment of disability. The first of the 3 kinds of treatments is manipulation. Manipulation applies sheer and rotational forces on the articulations of the body. Often associated with popping sounds, the sounds are actually from bursting gas bubbles that have formed in the joint cavities. The second is mobilization or stretching. Mobilization is much gentler than manipulation and is used to improve bio-mechanical elasticity. Lastly, massages. Massages aren’t limited to fancy spas they can be employed for physiotherapy too. Muscles and myofascial tissues are repetitively rubbed and kneaded to improve blood and interstitial fluid circulation. QV Physiotherapy offers the following manual therapy options:

  • Mobilisation
  • Manipulation
  • Massage
  • Stretching
  • Trigger Points Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Muscle Re-education



Dry needling is a process very similar to acupuncture. However, dry needling and acupuncture treat different points on the body. Acupuncture works on points called “meridians” while dry needling is more direct at treating pain trigger points. Similar to acupuncture dry needling also employs the use of filiform needles but has a specialized needle called a hypodermic needle. Dry needling alleviates pain by introducing mechanical pressure on these trigger points by using the needles. Trigger points are points with contraction knots that are believe to produce and keep the pain cycle moving.



Through the increase of energy, be it electrical, mechanical, magnetic, sound and light or temperature, pain and inflammation can be managed. Electrotherapy employs the increase of energy to kick start the body’s natural healing and pain reduction process. Notice though how we use the word “manage” instead of treat? That is because electrotherapy works more like an anti-inflammatory and pain killer in a way. The effects are short-term. At QV Physiotherapy they use ultrasound waves to relieve pain and swelling.



The real purpose of physiotherapy is to afford patients a chance at a lifestyle of their choosing without the limitation of their disabilities. Patients should be able to live their everyday lives without needing any assistance or very little assistance if necessary. Through rehabilitation, therapists can assist patients in this goal. In rehabilitation therapists not only provide treatment and relief, they tailor fit the programs to the patient’s goals and see to it that these goals are met. With regards to rehabilitation here is what our team has to offer:

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