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Qualifications Needed to Become A Podiatrist in Australia

The medical practitioners called podiatrists specialize on treating injured, sore, or infected ankles and feet. They are also known as chiropodists, though this name has been substituted throughout the industry. Some podiatrists specialize in orthopedics and foot surgery. Most have private practices, but others work in government agencies, hospitals, and podiatric colleges.

However, to work as a qualified podiatrist in Australia, you must complete a Bachelor of Podiatry. Also, post-graduate education, including Graduate Diploma, Qualified PodiatristsMaster and PhD level courses are also available to be a podiatrist Blackburn. These qualifications may result in developed expertise in diabetes care, podiatric surgery, or sports medicine. However, all podiatrists must be registered before they are able to practice in Australia.

Also, to work as a podiatrist in Australia, you need to apply for and be registered with the Podiatry Board of Australia. You may also need to apply for a visa issued by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

These two application processes are entirely separate and success in one does not automatically guarantee success in the other.



1. Ability to prescribe exercise, drugs, or special shoes

2. Ability to provide splints, braces, pads or various other supports

3. Must be able to treat foot and ankle issues through massage, manipulation, surgery, or physical therapy


1. Comfortable working with patients with foot diseases and other issues

2. Formal education is required at a school of podiatry, most applicants hold bachelors degrees in various fields

3. Licensing as a professional podiatrist is required

4. Program leads to doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM) degree, required for work

5. Residencies are sometimes required.

Lastly, the doctor of podiatric medicine is required from accredited college in podiatry medicine. An educational qualification of three years undergraduate in a podiatry course and two years masters specializing in podiatry medicine from a recognized podiatry school can get you a degree to practice podiatry professionally in Australia.

Dentist Uses Modern Technology for Old-School Needs

dental imageDental health among populations has improved significantly and when most people think of dentistry, specialty and cosmetic procedures typically come to mind.  The

The Melbourne dentist utilizes advanced technology to provide general dentistry.
Creating a healthy, aesthetically pleasing smile encompasses much more than dental implants, invisible braces, gum sculpting and whitening procedures. While the practice provides those services, it also works to preserve teeth through the use of fillings, root canals, crowns and veneers. In an age of perfect teeth, dentures are still an option provided for patients.

The local qualified dentists are committed to utilizing modern technology that reduces risk to patients, eliminates the need for referrals and makes visits pain-free. Digital films reduce radiation to patients by up to 90 percent and the films are viewable via closed-circuit TV.

The use of OPG equipment allows the dentist to view the patient’s entire mouth, including wisdom teeth, without the need for time-consuming referrals. The clinic utilizes a laser machine to quickly and efficiently remove cold sores, clean small areas of decay and provide gum sculpting.

The most important tool in a patient’s arsenal to fight gum disease and tooth decay is preventative measures. Regular cleanings keep teeth and gums healthy, and the dentist can identify a variety of health issues in their early stages by examining the state of a patient’s mouth.

The practice is dedicated to helping patients keep their original teeth, but that’s not always possible. The general dentistry practice provides dentures and dental implants for missing teeth. Implants provide stability for surrounding teeth and help maintain facial integrity. Veneers and crowns protect teeth following fillings and root canals.

Invisalign® braces provide an easy and painless way to straighten teeth that are misaligned, and to correct conditions that include overbites and underbites. They’re comfortable, involve no wires or metal frames, and are virtually invisible to others.

The Melbourne Dentist at QV Dental offers a variety of general dentistry and cosmetic procedures to assist patients in obtaining the smile they’ve always desired. Many years of experience, combined with advanced technology, ensures the dental health needs of all patients are met with superior methods.

Why You Should Choose Singapore Physio


In Singapore physiotherapy has become a crucial step in the complete rehabilitation of patients who suffer physical impairment. Whether the impairment was caused by illness or accident, surgery alone cannot cure it. That is why clinics like Singapore Physio are thriving. Now more than ever, the general population understands the significance of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy sort of brings the patient’s treatment full-circle. It ensures that although a patient may not always be able to recover to his previous physical state, he can at least recover to the best of his potential and ability.

There is a reason why Singapore Physio is a name that most people trust. First of all, it is the Singaporean arm of Japan’s most trusted sports physio clinic, Tokyo Physio. Also, like their therapists in Japan, Singapore Physio has also trained their therapists in Australia, highly regarded as a leader in physiotherapy research and technology


  1. Their therapists are all athletes.

At Singapore Physio, to be qualified as a therapist you must be actively competing in any sport. Their therapists Bevan and Vanessa Colless are elite amateur triathletes and have competed in more than 10 Iron Man races all over the world. Bevan played both rugby and soccer for more than two decades whilst Vanessa is a national level gymnast and diver.

  1. Their therapists are all highly trained and credible.

Having trained in some of the finest physiotherapy universities in the world, the therapists at Singapore Physio are more than qualified to administer any physiotherapy treatment you may require. The therapists have been trained either in England or Australia.

  1. They make sure that your experience is as comfortable and convenient as possible. Singapore Physio has multiple locations with a centralized information system. With numerous branches in Singapore and in Japan you can have yourself checked in at any of the clinics and they can pull out your file regardless of which branch you frequent. They also allow online booking and have ample parking space at their clinic.
  1. Singapore Physio is run by industry leaders.

Both Bevan and Vanessa Colless travel all over Asia speaking to physiotherapists regarding the newest advances in physiotherapy research.

  1. They have state of the art facilities.

Singapore Physio has handpicked state of the art equipment from all over the world to outfit their clinic in Singapore. One of their machines is the Game Ready Icing System which a lot of surgeons now require their patients to use before and after operation. Their clinic also uses Physiotec, a software that sends you online material (pictures, videos etc.) for your home rehabilitation needs.

To experience Singapore Physio for yourself set an appointment now at or our G+