Physiotherapy – The Shortcut to End Your Pain


Physiotherapy does more than relieving pain and that is why it is used as a remedy for many other disorders. It also deals with restoring deformed bone structure and relieving tense and taught muscles. Simple things like grinding of teeth when one is under stress cause some pains like headaches, and that can simply be solved by advice and a simple massage. At Action Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre, we specialise in all kinds of treatments, mostly those that affect the joints, nerves, muscles and the bones. We use the right rehabilitation system to strengthen the body parts and restore mobility. With our treatment, the patient is able to maintain the best health achievable in any type of diseases. Experience our expertise of physiotherapy in McDowall.


We comprises of a team of several physiotherapists trained in specific fields. The method we use is pure natural. We do not involve any chemicals that might affect the body due to side effects. Before we even start treating you, we have to learn your health history so that we can determine the root cause of your agony. In that case, you have to reveal all the information including accidents that happened to you when you were young.


The method we use in treating our patient involves the application of pressure in the affected area. We manipulate the paining bone, joint or nerves. We know that through the irritating massage, the body is then able to heal itself. The faster the treatment care is administered after an injury the faster the response. We always educate our patients and potential patients of the importance of seeking medical attention right after the injury occurs. Delaying treatment worsen a simple case. Physiotherapy care is the best medication you can use on problems like Arthritis, trapped nerves, chronic diseases, all sports injuries and chest problems. There is a lot that we cure. Our aim is to reduce or completely eradicate the pain the patient is experiencing.


This makes it possible for the patient to resume normal activities. Visit us at Action Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre for more details.

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