Reasons to Choose TOKYO PHYSIO


In Tokyo physiotherapy has become a fully integrated part of medical therapy. Whether the impairment was caused by illness or accident, surgery alone cannot cure it. The impairment could have been caused by illness or accident but it is clear now that healing does not end on the hospital bed, it has to be incorporated in the daily life of the patient through movement and exercise to ensure that the patient can experience the best quality life after impairment. Physiotherapy ensures that even if a person may not completely recover, he at least can rejoin society as a fully able and contributing citizen.

In Japan, Tokyo Physio is a name most people trust. If their track record of excellence for over a decade is not enough to convince you, here are more reasons why Tokyo Physio is the smart choice.

  1. The therapists at Tokyo Physio are all highly trained and credible. Native English speaking physiotherapists Tokyo are available.

The therapists at Tokyo Physio underwent rigorous training in Australia, which is considered as a world leader in physiotherapy training and research. If you are an expatriate living in Japan, as a lot of Tokyo Physio’s clients are, you will benefit greatly from a staff with Native English speakers.

  1. They make sure that your experience is as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Tokyo Physio has multiple locations in Japan (Tokyo, Noseko, Hakuba, Nozawa) but with a centralized information system they can pull out your file in any of the branches. This can be very convenient when you are a frequent traveler who is in need of periodic physical therapy. They also accept online booking.

  1. Tokyo Physio has state of the art facilities.

The clinics of Tokyo Physio are all equipped with state of the art equipment that is handpicked from suppliers all over the world. One of the machines they are particularly proud of is the Game Ready Icing System. Their clinics also make use of the Physiotec software. A software that emails you pictures, videos and other paraphernalia of the workouts and exercises for home rehabilitation as soon as you finish your appointment.

  1. Bike fits and Running Assessments

Whether you are an aspiring triathlete or an intermediate level one, you will surely enjoy the programs at Tokyo Physio that are aimed at improving your game. Triathlons often require swimming, running and biking. To avoid injury and improve your overall running posture, Tokyo Physio offers running assessments conducted by trained professionals. The Tokyo Physio clinic also has a F.I.S.T certified bike fitter to ensure a better cycling experience.

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